About Us.

Who We Are

Anglican Missions Africa (AMA) is a Mission agency founded in 2019 and officially launched by The Most Rev. Dr. Jackson Ole Sapit. Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) August 20th, 2019, during the Anglican Church of Kenya Clergy National Conference in Kabarak University Nakuru, Kenya.

AMA appreciates the critical role Bishops and Priests play to ensure that the Church remains Christ-centered, doctrinally authentic, and centrally rooted in the Great Commission as her primary mandate on earth. AMA is committed to working with every Bishop in Africa and beyond in encouraging the works of Evangelism, Discipleship and Church Planting by (i). Providing equipment (Tents and Jesus Film sets) to every Diocese in Africa to be used for mission outreach and spread of the gospel across Africa. (ii). To offer capacity building to clergy and lay ministers with knowledge and skills to effectively evangelize Africa. (iii). AMA anticipates that all Anglican Dioceses in Africa will have received TENTS and JESUS FILM SETS in the next ten years. This will facilitate the implementation and realization of desired Church growth with well-grounded Christians effectively witnessing Christ in their spheres of influence. AMA considers the value other mission agencies play in supporting the Anglican Church in advancing its missionary agenda in Africa and around the world.


To nurture a healthy and sustainable Church in Africa and beyond


 To equip, Empower and Release Christian leaders as agents of both spiritual and social change within their context and sphere of


Core values

1.      Born again and passion for the lost

2.      Life of honesty, simplicity, transparency and accountability

3.      Respect for Church leadership

4.      Upholds Biblical doctrine in its entirety as the divine Word of God

5.      Partnerships


1.      Committed to the Great Commission: Supporting Sustainable Evangelism, Discipleship and Church Planting

2.      Committed to Leadership Capacity Building.

3.      Committed to Social Mission


1.       That God is the creator of the universe and that beside him there is none.

2.      That the Bible is the inspired word of God through which God’s divine art of creation is revealed.

3.      That humanity sinned against God and therefore in constant need of God’s saving grace.

4.      That Jesus Christ is the only way, life and truth through whom all humanity MUST be saved to eternal life.

5.      That the Church is the Christ founded movement through which the gospel of salvation MUST be proclaimed to all humanity in

          the universe.

6.      That Church leadership has divine mandate and responsibility to make disciples of all nations translating every believer to

         Christs core workers

7.      That every believer MUST come under Church discipline, restraining from worldly pleasures and any sinful act.


Anglican church in Africa is part of the Anglican church worldwide with well-established structures and networks. This is a great opportunity and strength to mobilize and empower its members to become agents of missionary work in Africa and beyond. AMA believes that the Anglican Church in Africa has much to offer to the rest of the worldwide Christianity through her great faith and a shared spirituality across the continent. The season is ripe for the Anglican church in Africa to rise to the occasion and lead by example in the missionary enterprise. The good news is that African Bishops are supportive and open to the move of God.


AMA is committed to the calling of Evangelism, Discipleship and Church growth primarily through the Anglican Church in Africa and beyond. By working in partnership with Bishops to promote works of Evangelism and wholeness of life through discipleship and church planting. AMA recognizes that God is at work through his church reconciling men and women to Himself and that the Anglican Church in Africa and worldwide is strategically placed to become a prophetic voice in a world that is increasingly becoming secular and humanistic.

Programs of AMA

AMA is committed to offering three main programs.

Healthy Church Capacity Building Program is a course for both the Ordained and the Lay Leadership of the church. The course offers skills and knowledge on how to run and manage a healthy growing Church that is sensitive to emerging issues that are negatively impacting the church. It helps in developing a contextual response to those issues and at the same time. The ground has tilted, the Church is in turmoil all over the world. It is caught up in divergence views, competing voices, both theological and humanistic debates that have increasingly left it at crossroads. The liberals and conservatives theologians are battling it out in the board rooms, leaving each other wounded both at heart and emotions. And yet the most affected people are the faithful either becoming disillusioned about Christian faith, or migrating to other Church or finding comfort in other forms of spiritualties. There are billions of people today though “Christians” no longer find a reason to attend Church or be associated with Christianity.

Despite the fact that Africa is rapidly urbanizing and having a huge impact on both demographics and sociological change among people of Africa. The Church has remained traditional in her approach to ministry thus beginning to lose the ground especially on the youth who are increasingly becoming de-churched and un-churched. Over the years, the urban church has been actively reaching out to the rural areas without having any tangible plans on how to embrace the reality of rural-urban movements. The urban church has also failed to tap into emerging global trends that seem to be both transcultural, driven by technology and social media. These transcultural and technological trends have a huge impact on the mission of the church, depending on how the church responds. What the church seems not to appreciate is that urbanization trends are pulling millions of people every year around the world from rural-upcountry villages to towns and cities.

Going by last census 2019 conducted in Kenya, statistics clearly show that Africa is a young continent. Out of a population of 47 million people, 35 Million are below 35 years. This is 75% of the entire population. The scenario is the same across Africa. This is both a great opportunity for the Church and if not handled well a challenge.
Informed by this reality, AMA has developed a clear strategy of evangelizing children, youth and young adults right from primary schools to universities by showing Jesus Film and introducing Bible clubs to those coming to the faith.
This shall be achieved in partnership with Scripture Union, Kenya Students Christian Fellowship (KSCF) and Fellowship of Christian Unions (FOCUS). This is a continental program with a pilot program in Kenya.